Accurate, Reliable, and Cost-Effective

Patient Monitoring Systems & Critical Care Equipment

Infinium Medical has been manufacturing patient monitors and other medical technologies since 1991.  Our products are designed to be intuitive, flexible, and reliable.

Infinium Medical

Patient Monitoring Systems & Critical Care Equipment

Infinium Medical manufactures and distributes high-quality patient monitoring systems, capnography monitors, and critical care equipment used in emergency response and surgery procedures around the world. We put the needs of our clients and their patients first because we understand that providing compassionate and effective health care is about more than just the equipment you use.

Our products have a superior design, are easy to use, and are cost-effective. This ensures each medical facility, regardless of size or budget, can have cutting-edge medical technology. We manufacture and distribute a variety of feature-rich patient monitors, surgical tables, and anesthesia delivery systems. The product line is designed for versatility and allows for flexibility in a wide range of clinical applications.

Our patient monitoring systems also include advanced wireless telemetry capabilities, cardiac output, and anesthesia measurement. They are ideal for both sub-acute and high acuity hospital care environments.


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Accurate, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Patient Monitoring Systems

At Infinium Medical, we believe that patient monitors should work for you, so we design our equipment to be intuitive and user friendly. We place a premium on patient care with less wasted time on complex input processes, in-service, and training.

Our patient monitors are backed by certified quality manufacturing practices and regularly tested by medical engineers to ensure accuracy and reliability. Each system is compliant with requirements from all major auditing agencies to ensure optimum efficiency and quality.

Whether you need compact and durable vital signs monitors for a small field clinic, portable monitors for emergency response vehicles, or reliable yet affordable patient monitoring systems for a major metropolitan hospital, Infinium Medical can help. Our products are designed to be an extension of the care provider, which makes providing an exceptional level of care easier than ever. We understand that the care of your patients comes first and your patient monitoring systems should support that.

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