Anesthesia Machine

Anesthesia Machine

All-In-One Anesthesia Machine for Medical Facilities Worldwide

Anesthesia delivery is a complex process, and many anesthesia systems complicate it further due to their inefficient designs. Infinium Medical, however, offers a streamlined solution that facilitates a smoother anesthesia delivery process. Our ADSII anesthesia machine is an all-in-one workstation that’s equipped with everything needed to ensure successful anesthesia delivery. We have been on the cutting edge of innovation throughout our long tenure in the industry and are proud to offer smart solutions that help medical professionals around the world provide high-quality care to their patients.

Features of the ADSII Anesthesia System

The ADSII anesthesia machine is equipped with:

A Ventilator

An integrated ventilator with a 12-inch, color touchscreen monitor is included with our anesthesia machine. Digital flowmeters are also included, and all ventilation and gas delivery controls are located no more than 10 cm apart, allowing the user to easily find and operate all controls.

An Absorber

Our anesthesia workstation comes with an autoclavable, two-liter capacity absorber system that features integrated bellows, an APL valve, and a switch for bag/ventilator selection.


The ADSII anesthesia system can hold one or two vaporizers, and its mounts are Standard Selectatec™ compatible.

Pin Index Cylinder Yokes

Our anesthesia machine features standard cylinder yokes for AIR, N2O, and O2.

What’s more, the entire workstation is mobile on four anti-static castors, which can be locked to keep the system securely in place while in use. The system also comes with a universal power panel, multiple connectivity options, and a foldable writing table with a light.

Order Today

If you would like to order the ADSII anesthesia machine for your facility, please contact Infinium Medical today. Product specialists are standing by to answer any questions you may have about our products.



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