Anesthesia Workstation Manufacturers

Anesthesia Workstation Manufacturers

Anesthesia Workstation Manufacturer Serving Medical Companies Across the Globe

Do you want to provide your customers with a high-quality, cost-effective option for anesthesia machines? If so, turn to Infinium Medical. We are a leader among anesthesia workstation manufacturers and have been developing advanced medical technologies since 1991. We offer superior products for excellent value, and our equipment is used in 87 countries around the world.

About Our Anesthesia Workstations

We manufacture the ADSII, an anesthesia delivery system that offers exceptional functionality. It features:

  • Adult and pediatric modes, with patient-appropriate defaults and ranges
  • Automatic ventilation modes: VCV, PCV, and SIMV+PS
  • Electronic flowmeters: Air, N20, and O2
  • A heated, autoclavable absorber with two-liter capacity
  • Electronic PEEP
  • Vital signs, EtCO2, and agent monitoring

Our anesthesia workstation is also user-friendly and designed to provide a smooth experience for the clinician. All ventilation and gas delivery controls are located close together, ensuring the user has easy access to all necessary controls. Plus, the entire system is mobile on four anti-static castors for easy maneuverability, and the wheels can be locked securely in place with a foot-break system. It also comes with a foldable writing table, 12-inch color touchscreen monitor, and a universal power/network panel that offers Ethernet, USB, and RS-232 connectivity.

Need More Information?

If you’re interested in partnering with one of the top anesthesia workstation manufacturers, contact Infinium Medical today. One of our product specialists will be happy to provide additional information about the system’s many features and capabilities, answer your questions, and help you place an order. We are based in the United States and all of our products are available for international shipping.

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