Continuous Patient Monitoring Device

Continuous Patient Monitoring Device

The Benefits of a Continuous Patient Monitoring Device

Continuous Patient Monitoring Device Did you know that continuous vital signs monitoring was found to be associated with a reduction of length in stays for hospital patients, as well as a reduction in intensive care unit transfers? This is a compelling argument for investing in a top-of-the-line continuous patient monitoring device for your medical facility, and you can confidently turn to Infinium Medical for that very thing. Since 1991, we have been providing patient monitoring solutions that offer exceptional clinical value for both medical professionals and patients.

The Omni Series

At Infinium Medical, we offer The Omni™ series patient monitors, which combine versatility and quality with exceptional ease of operation. Our patient monitors are able to provide accurate readings of numerous vitals, including ECG, temperature, respiration rate, non-invasive blood pressure, and SpO2. You can also equip your monitor with add-on modules that provide readings of cardiac output, end-tidal CO2, invasive blood pressure, and anesthetic agents.

The Omni continuous patient monitoring device is also engineered with sophisticated, user-friendly features, such as:

  • A high-resolution touchscreen monitor, which allows users to make quick screen adjustments, set default settings, set alarm limits, and manage up to 72 hours of patient data
  • Several connective solutions to network multiple monitors and/or manage patient data on an electronic medical records platform or hospital information system
  • A backup battery for extended, uninterrupted use

Contact Infinium Medical today to learn more about the Omni continuous patient monitoring device we offer. We would gladly speak with you about the best solution for your patient monitoring needs.



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