Electrocardiograph Machine

Electrocardiograph Machine

Electrocardiograph Machine

An Electrocardiograph Machine with Innovative Interpretation Software

An electrocardiograph machine tracks the electrical activity of a patient’s heart by tracing lines on paper that reflect the electrical impulses (beating) of the heart. An electrocardiogram test, typically called an EKG machine or an ECG monitor in the medical industry, is a standard assessment used for patients who experience a variety of problems, such as chest pains, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeats, and more. By monitoring ECG readings, physicians can often identify the source of these symptoms, whether they’re caused by heart disease, inflammation, or hypertrophied.

Healthcare facilities know that identifying these ailments requires an electrocardiograph machine that’s dependable and accurate, which is why so many companies throughout the globe turn to Infinium Medical when purchasing an ECG machine. As a leader in developing and manufacturing medical equipment, our QRS-12 electrocardiogram machines come equipped with some of the most recent technology.

QRS-12 ECG Machine Software Features:

  • Built-in database references
  • Arrhythmia detection capabilities
  • Pacemaker detection capabilities

This software works to not only provide medical teams with the readings and data they need, but also interpret this data and display it in a format that’s easy to understand. This allows medical staff to assess a patient’s condition quickly during an office visit, or take the necessary, life-saving actions sooner in an emergency situation.

For more information on our electrocardiograph machine and its many capabilities, contact Infinium Medical today. We proudly serve companies across the United States and even worldwide.

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Electrocardiograph Machine


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