How to Buy the Best Professional ECG Machine

How to Buy the Best Professional ECG Machine

ecg monitor reading

Did you know that every 36 seconds, someone dies from cardiovascular disease in the United States? Early detection is crucial in saving lives and improving patient outcomes.  

An ECG is a quick, painless test that’s performed using an ECG machine. An ECG machine is a diagnostic tool that medical professionals use to measure, record, and interpret a patient’s heart rhythm and electrical activity. The ECG allows healthcare professionals to look at a graphic representation of the electrical activity of the heart. 

ECG machines are used every day in hospitals, clinics, cardiologist offices, doctor’s offices, and walk-in clinics. When purchasing an ECG machine for your hospital or medical facility, you want to make sure you get the best one to fit your facility’s needs and the needs of your patients. 

Unfortunately, not all ECG machines are made equally. In addition, you do not want to sink money into an ECG machine that you will have to replace after a few years. Therefore, it is important to find an ECG machine that will work for your facility both functionally and financially.

Keep reading on to learn more about what to look for when purchasing an ECG machine. 

ECG Test Save Lives

Early detection of heart attacks can increase the chance of surviving a heart attack. An electrocardiogram (ECG) test is a quick and painless test that is crucial in determining if someone has a heart attack, but it can help diagnose more than a heart attack. 

A reliable ECG test assists doctors or other trained healthcare workers in determining many cardiac abnormalities. Some cardiac abnormalities that and ECG can assist in uncovering include:

  • Cardiac dysrhythmias 
  • Syncope or collapsed heart 
  • Previous myocardial infarction
  • Current myocardial infarctions
  • Coronary ischemia
  • Heart murmurs 
  • Ventricular hypertrophy

Some patients with a history of heart disease or with a family history of heart disease may be recommended by their doctor to have an ECG done at their annual medical check-up. Others who have risk factors for heart disease and other cardiac conditions may have an ECG done yearly at the doctor’s office as well.  

Qualities to Look for When Shopping for ECG Machines

When looking to purchase an ECG machine, look for one that is:

  • Intuitive
  • Connective
  • Accurate
  • Portable
  • Long-lasting

This will ensure that your patients receive high-quality and accurate testing that could save their lives if they have a cardiac problem. 


When looking for the best ECG machine to purchase for your facility, look for one that is intuitive. Healthcare facilities are busier than ever, and you need an ECG machine that can keep up with the fast-paced work environment. 

If someone comes into the doctor’s office and has chest pain, you need answers fast to get them the help they need. Likewise, hospitals may have many patients needing EKGs. You do not want patient care slowed down due to slow equipment. 

Find a professional ECG machine that is adaptable to healthcare providers’ needs, has a large high-resolution touch screen, and an alphanumerical keypad will help make it easy for healthcare workers to easily and quickly use the ECG machine between patients.  


Technology has helped to improve healthcare. For example, computerized charting systems allow patient information to easily be shared between doctors and healthcare workers who provide care to that patient. 

There are medical ECG machines that can transmit the EKG from the machine to the electronic medical records now. This allows doctors, cardiologists, and other healthcare providers involved in the patient’s care to quickly see the results even if they are out of the office or in the hospital. 

Once the ECG results are in the patient’s electronic medical records, they can be pulled up and used to compare. This could become crucial if the patient’s conditions were to change. There is no more fumbling through paperwork or running into the risk of paperwork getting lost or unable to reference with this added feature. 

Connectivity can also help improve patient outcomes in serious cardiac events. For example, suppose a patient goes into the doctor’s office or walk-in clinic, and an ECG shows a heart attack or other serious cardiac event.

In that case, the EKG results can be sent immediately to the hospital for the doctors to look at as long as both facilities have this capability. This will help cut down on valuable time and lead to a better outcome for the patient. 


Accuracy is always important when it comes to medical tests and procedures. ECGs are no different, but there are capabilities that some professional ECG machines have to improve their accuracy. 

Look for ECG machines that allow healthcare providers to put in the patient-specific demographics. For example, accounting for the patient’s age and gender can greatly enhance the accuracy of interpreting an EKG. 


Purchasing a medical ECG machine that is portable is beneficial to the healthcare staff and the patients. In addition, portability can help if there is an emergency that the healthcare worker is not slowed down lugging around a big machine. 

In smaller clinics and doctors’ offices, having a portable ECG machine can help, so you will not have bulky equipment around the office. 


Battery life in an ECG machine is crucial. You would not want the machine to die during the middle of determining if someone is having a heart attack because the machine needs to be charged. Therefore, when looking to purchase an ECG machine, make sure you find one that has a long-lasting lithium battery to ensure that the ECG machine is functioning for hours. 

Infinium’s QRS – 12: The ECG Machine That Does it All

You do not need to go looking for a machine with some of these qualities and try to decide which ones are most important. Infinium’s QRS-12 machine is intuitive, connective, accurate, portable, and long-lasting. 

Provide your patients and healthcare staff with the best ECG machine to ensure the best patient care possible. Contact Infinium Medical today to learn more and purchase an ECG machine. 


ecg monitor reading


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