How to Choose the Right Medical Equipment Sales Company

How to Choose the Right Medical Equipment Sales Company

medical equipment sales

Are you looking for a new medical equipment supplier? You’re not alone. In fact, the medical devices market reached $456.9 billion in sales in 2019. The market could reach $603.5 billion by 2023 as sales continue to rise.

Unfortunately, not every medical equipment sales company will have what you need. If they fail to meet your expectations, you could waste valuable time and money.

Meanwhile, your patients might not receive the high-quality care they expect from your medical facility.

Here are eight tips that can help with choosing the right medical equipment. These tips will make it easier for you to vet your options. You can find a single supplier for all your supplies needs.

Make sure your medical facility is stocked up and ready to help patients. Start your search for the right supplier with these tips today. 

1. Complete Inventory

If you want to find the right medical equipment supplier for your distinct needs, consider what you need first. Schedule a day to complete inventory.

First, think about the disposable medical equipment you use every day. For example, you might need masks and gloves. Consider how quickly you run through each item.

You can request to receive these items on a recurring schedule.

Consider which pieces of medical equipment are starting to grow old, too. Are any pieces of equipment failing to work properly? Think about pieces of equipment that are behind recent updates, too.

Determine which items you need to replace immediately. Consider making a list of items you might need to purchase in the future while you’re at it.

Take the time to talk to other employees at your medical facility. Ask them which pieces of equipment are causing delays. Replacing these items could help you improve the patient experience. 

Your employees will have an easier time offering a higher standard of care as well. 

Once you determine your distinct needs, look for a medical equipment sales company that offers those products. 

Searching for a medical equipment supplier who offers every product you need can make your life easier in the long run. You’ll only need to contact a single supplier. Some suppliers will even offer you deals if you sign an exclusive agreement. 

2. Think About Past Experiences

Don’t rush to choose a medical equipment supplier yet. Instead, learn from the past. Consider your experience with other suppliers over the years.

What problems did you experience with those suppliers? How did they benefit your business?

For example, maybe one supplier failed to meet your schedule. Perhaps another became too expensive over time. 

Learn from your mistakes and triumphs. Make a list of pros and cons you experienced with those previous suppliers. Determine your requirements before you search for a new supply company.

3. Gather Referrals

There are over 14,000 medical supplies wholesale businesses in America. Remember, not every business will have the supplies or experience you need.

You can narrow down your options by talking to people within your professional network. Talk to other people who work at local medical facilities. Ask about the medical equipment supplier they rely on.

Why do they love that supplier? What problems have they experienced over the years?

You can use your professional network to start making a list of supplies companies to vet further.

If your professional network can’t help, that’s okay. Make a list of companies to avoid. Then, start searching online.

Make a list of medical equipment sales companies that offer the equipment you need. Then, take the time to learn about each business on your list.

4. Research Companies

Visit each supplier’s website and Better Business Bureau listing.

First, determine how long each company has worked in the industry. How many medical facilities are they helping?

Try to find a business that has years of hands-on experience in the industry. You’ll have peace of mind choosing an established business. These businesses won’t disappear overnight.

Chances are they’ve established a process for helping their clients, too. These companies will have an easier time meeting your needs.

Consider the unique value proposition each business offers, too. What sets them apart from their competitors?

Learning about each business can help you feel more informed before you make a choice. 

5. Establish a Budget

Before you start buying medical equipment, make sure you’ve established your budget.

Look at your purchases over the years. Determine whether you need to increase or reduce your budget.

Before you start shopping, it’s important to remember to focus on quality over price. You’ll likely get what you pay for.

Consider asking the suppliers on your list if they offer any sales or discounts. For example, some offer special pricing for overstock or demo models. Maybe they offer products in a discontinued color at a cheaper price.

You might want to ask if they offer refurbished or used items, too. 

6. Read Reviews

Before you start purchasing medical equipment, look at each company’s Better Business Bureau listing. Check their website and Google My Business listings for reviews, too.

Reading customer reviews will help you learn more about each business. If the company has any major complaints filed against them, look elsewhere.

Instead, choose a company with a strong professional reputation. These companies are more likely to meet your expectations.

7. Review the Warranty

Before you choose a medical equipment sales company, ask if they offer a warranty for their equipment. What happens if you experience issues? Will the company provide you with a replacement or fix the problem?

Determining if they offer a warranty will give you peace of mind. Make sure you have a written copy before purchasing medical equipment.

8. Compare Prices

Remember, you’ll likely get what you pay for. Before buying medical equipment, get quotes from more than one company. Then, compare your options. 

Comparing options can help you determine the average price. 

Stock Up On Supplies: 8 Tips for Finding a Medical Equipment Sales Company

Choosing the right medical equipment sales company can set your medical facility up for success. You can improve the patient experience and ensure your facility is always stocked. Take the time to find a partner you can rely on.

Start your search with these eight easy tips today.

Ready to start shopping? We’re here for you.

Explore our store today to find the supplies you need.


medical equipment sales


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