How to Know You’re Buying Durable Medical Equipment

How to Know You’re Buying Durable Medical Equipment

How to Know You're Buying Durable Medical Equipment

Having top quality medical equipment for your health practice is more important than ever with the recent pandemic. The last thing that you want is to have an expensive piece of machinery fail when your patients need it most.

Ensuring that you purchase durable medical equipment is the difference between a functioning practice and a potential malpractice lawsuit. Even something as basic as a broken hospital bed can qualify as malpractice under some state laws.

Make sure that your practice is covered by looking for these signs of durability when purchasing your medical equipment.

Choose a Name You Can Trust

You want to make sure that the medical equipment you are buying is from a company with a reliable reputation. They should serve a large medical network encompassing international markets. 

Make sure that they cater to both the private and public medical worlds. That way, you will know that they meet all official medical equipment rules and regulations. It will also ensure that they have been tested by many entities over a large swath of the market.

This will eliminate a chance for any discrepancies in the quality of your equipment. Small companies without a proven track record are too risky of an investment for something as critical as medical equipment.

Types of Durable Medical Equipment 

It is important to become familiar with the different kinds of medical equipment. That way, you make sure that your distributor can provide everything you need. Also, you will have uniformity across the board when it comes to your medical equipment.

Examples of common medical equipment are patient monitoring devices, capnography machines, EKG devices, and video intubation equipment. 

It also includes things such as respirators, beds, blood transfusion machines, and devices pertaining to monitoring patient vital signs. 

Before making a purchase, make sure to take an inventory of the necessary hospital equipment that your organization needs. That way, you can make a one time order in bulk and save money.

Inspect Your Equipment

Before buying a large order of equipment, you should ask your distributor to send you a single device. If possible, obtain the device or visit it and conduct an in-person inspection.

There are specific government standards for hospital equipment. These can serve as a guide when conducting your inspection. Make sure that, at the very least, any medical equipment meets these requirements.

Verify the durability of the equipment by making sure it functions right. Also, make sure it is built from tough materials such as metal or some form of poly-composite plastic.

Don’t Risk Your Practice

Not having durable medical equipment costs you more than money in maintenance costs. It can also cost you your practice if it breaks down at a critical time in patient treatment.

Ensure the durability of your equipment by purchasing it from a company with a name you can trust. 

Contact Infinium today to ensure that you are purchasing the very best in durable medical equipment. That way, you will be making sure that your medical practice is safe and efficient.



How to Know You're Buying Durable Medical Equipment


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