Let There Be Light: A Guide to the Different Types of Medical Lighting

Let There Be Light: A Guide to the Different Types of Medical Lighting

medical lighting in the operating room

The medical industry has never been more important or more in the public eye than it is now. Ample medical lighting showcases your facility to the public as a professional-level installation.

You need it all, from medical theatre lights to that perfect medical exam light. Having the right medical lighting equipment is important.

It improves both the health and safety of your patients and the work environment for your practitioners. This brief guide outlines some crucial pieces of medical lighting equipment. 

Get Prepared First

If your medical facility is mobile or works in remote areas, you need to be prepared for when the lights go out. This means having a generator to power all of your basic medical lighting.

That way, no matter whether your facility is a small field unit or a large metropolitan hospital, you can keep the lights on in the event of power failure.

Once you have secured your backup power source, you can start investing in medical lighting.

Basic Medical Lighting for Exams

One of the most basic pieces of medical lighting are exam lights. These lights can either be floor mounted, ceiling mounted, or be on a stand. Medical theatre lights allow you to light up large areas or entire rooms.

Exam lights allow health care practitioners to make basic assessments about their patients as they examine them closer. These types of lights can have either incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs.

LED medical lights are a new form of lighting. They have become very popular in recent years. This is due to their quality of light and energy efficiency.

Surgical Lighting

According to a 2009 National Center for Health Statistics study, there are roughly 48 million surgical procedures per year in the United States. This makes having the proper surgical lighting an important part of your practice.

Having the right surgical lighting can make the difference between life and death in your operating rooms. During the high-stress operating room environment, your surgeons need the best lighting money can buy.

One slip-up caused by bad lighting can mean an increase in operating room mortality at your medical establishment. Give your professionals professional-grade surgical lighting to make your practice the best it can be.

Conventional Hospital Lighting

One of the most important forms of lighting in your medical establishment is the lighting your patients see before and after their procedures. This includes hospital bed lighting and also the lighting in the rooms and hallways.

Make your patients feel at home with features such as dimmers and an auto-shutoff. That way, they won’t be bombarded by the harsh glare of overhead halogen lights for the entire duration of their stay.

Get Your Practice the Right Lights

Make your medical practice shine bright by getting the best medical lighting that money can buy. When your patients see state-of-the-art equipment, they will feel safe trusting you for all of their medical needs.

If your lighting seems shabby or out of place, your patients will notice and seek help from a more qualified professional. Contact us today for all of your medical lighting needs.


medical lighting in the operating room


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