Masimo Pulse Oximeter

Masimo Pulse Oximeter

Why You Should Choose a Masimo Pulse Oximeter

Masimo Pulse OximeterWhen it comes to pulse oximetry, the only name you need to know is Masimo. At Infinium Medical, we recognize greatness when we see it, which is why we proudly use Masimo Signal Extraction Technology with our Omni series patient monitors. Masimo technology has been clinically proven to provide reliable and accurate pulse oximetry measurements during both motion and low perfusion.

More About Masimo SET

The Masimo pulse oximeter is ideal for medical professionals who demand only the best for their patients. In fact, this technology outperforms the other pulse oximeters on the market today. But, our pulse oximeter is not merely an SpO2 monitor. It also acts as a vital signs monitor and can provide your staff with a full range of other important patient data such as:

  • Non-invasive blood pressure
  • Rapid temperature
  • ECG
  • Respiration rate

With all of your patients’ data accessible from one machine, you can feel good knowing that your health care facility is operating more efficiently. You can also feel good about the financial aspect of this purchase as well, since you are making your budget stretch further by investing in multi-functional equipment.

Who Are We?

At Infinium Medical, we have been manufacturing top-quality medical equipment for health care professionals around the world since 1991. We have earned for ourselves an outstanding reputation thanks to the dependable equipment we provide, and it would be our pleasure to show you firsthand why we have become such a prominent force in the medical equipment industry.

To learn more about our company or our Masimo pulse oximeter, contact Infinium Medical today.





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