Multi-Position Operating Room Beds

Multi-Position Operating Room Beds

Multi-Position Operating Room Beds for Hospitals & Outpatient Surgery Centers

Operating Room BedUpdate your hospital operating room or outpatient surgery center with new surgical tables from Infinium Medical. Our ATS Lateris operating room bed is designed with the end user in mind and helps surgeons obtain full patient access while conducting surgery. We are an international leader in the manufacture of advanced medical technologies and all of our products are easy to operate and allow for intuitive use. Medical professionals around the globe put their trust in our equipment and we’re proud to deliver optimal solutions.

Easy Electrohydraulic Positioning

Our operating room beds feature silent electrohydraulic movement and can be easily positioned to suit a patient’s needs. The tables are equipped with a 180-degree rotating tabletop that can be lowered to just 24 inches off the ground, allowing surgeons full access while sitting. They are also multi-position and offer:

  • Trendelenburg
  • Reverse Trendelenburg
  • Flex/reflex
  • Back-up

A handled remote control is included with the operating room bed and the table can be positioned with the touch of a button. A safety lock is also included to prevent accidental motion and an optional return-to-level function is available as well. Additionally, the entire table is mobile on four anti-static castors and can be swiftly transported from one location to another. When in use, a wheel-lock system can be activated to hold the surgical table securely in place.

Contact Us

Contact Infinium Medical today to learn more about the ATS Lateris operating room bed. Product specialists are standing by to answer your questions and help you place an order. Like all of our products, our surgical tables are FDA-certified and available worldwide.

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