Operating Table – Article

Operating Table – Article

An Operating Table that Puts Patients First

Operating Table

Not all operating tables are created equal. That’s why you should turn to Infinium Medical. We have been a leading manufacturer of medical equipment since 1991, and in the decades since, we have earned a stellar reputation for the top-quality products we provide. If you’re looking for an industry-leading operating table at an affordable price, you won’t find any better than the one available from Infinium Medical.

An Operating Table that Works for You

Our operating table has been carefully designed to provide physicians and users with a number of benefits. For example, thanks to an optional 1,000 lb lift capacity, our surgical table can easily accommodate virtually any patient. Plus, it is essentially effortless to position patients thanks to a 180-degree rotating tabletop and silent electro-hydraulic movements. What’s more, this table can be lowered to a mere 24 inches off of the ground, so it can be used in essentially all kinds of procedures.

Designed with Safety in Mind

At Infinium Medical, we understand that your patients’ safety is your top priority. That’s why our operating table is equipped with a number of safety features. For example, the table’s four anti-static castors are complete with a floor lock system, which holds the table in place and prevents accidental movement. And, the handheld remote also features safety locks for even more peace of mind.

Contact Infinium Medical today to add our operating table to the medical equipment at your hospital, office, clinic, or another medical facility. Our products are available to ship worldwide.



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