Patient Table

Patient Table

A Surgical Patient Table That Moves the Way You Need it To

Patient TableIf you’ve been looking for a surgical patient table that will work for a range of applications at your health care facility, Infinium Medical has the right one for you. We are proud to offer our surgical table – the ATS Lateris Surgical Table – to health care professionals around the world. This user-intuitive table offers the most in terms of safety and stability, and will make it easier for your staff to achieve the proper positioning for your patient.

Position Your Patients with Ease

The ATS Lateris surgical patient table makes it easier than ever for your staff to achieve the ideal positioning for each patient, regardless of whether they are in surgery, taking images, or performing another function entirely. Featuring a standard 500-pound lift capacity – and the option to extend this to 1,000 pounds – our surgical patient table can be used with virtually any patient. The ergonomic hand control offers the following positioning options:

  • Trendelenburg
  • Reverse Trendelenburg
  • Flex/reflex positioning
  • Backup positioning
  • Upper body imaging
  • Lower body imaging

Additionally, our surgical patient table offers a number of options for patient positioning. For example, it has built-in, 180-degree table top rotation for better surgical access and horizontal sliding capabilities for imaging applications, and it can be lowered vertically to just inches from the ground. No matter how you need your patients positioned, this surgical patient table is capable of getting the job done.

If you would like to learn more about how to invest in the ATS surgical patient table for your medical facility, contact Infinium Medical today.





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