Procedure Tables

Procedure Tables

Masterfully Crafted Procedure Tables

Procedure TablesThe quality and stability of your procedure table is of the utmost importance, which is why we offer the highest quality tables available at Infinium Medical. Called the ATS Lateris, our procedure tables are designed to provide unwavering rigidity and to adapt with the needs of you, your patient, and your staff.

A Smart Design

Our ATS procedure tables are CE certified and ISO approved, meaning they will pass all regulatory audits and are suitable for use virtually anywhere around the world—and you will find them in healthcare facilities in more than 87 countries. These tables are designed with features such as a C-arm compatible tabletop that has a remarkable 1,000 pound lift capacity, and a 180-degree rotating tabletop that will make imaging patients much more efficient.

Our procedure tables also have four anti-static castors, as well as an ergonomic floor lock system that braces the table in place. A hand controller engineered with safety locks also provides our tables with absolute rigidity, and for these reasons, our tables don’t just meet—they exceed—the standards of patient positioning.

Let’s Get in Touch

When you turn to Infinium Medical for procedure tables, you will speak to a highly knowledgeable and experienced product specialist who will be able to help you find the best product table for your needs and budget. We will also provide you with same-day shipping, so you will be able to equip your facility as soon as possible. Contact Infinium Medical today to learn more.



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