Radiology Table

Radiology Table

Our Radiology Table Will Put Your Facility at the Forefront of Patient Care

Radiology Table Correct patient positioning is crucial when it comes to medical imaging. Infinium Medical can help ensure your team is able to obtain the images they need to care for their patients with our ATS Trinity radiology table. Developed to facilitate a faster and more effective diagnosis process, our imaging tables offer a wide range of positioning options and many helpful features. We are proud to manufacture products that help medical professionals around the world improve their performance and better care for their patients.

Available Movements

To ensure maximum patient access while imaging is underway, the ATS Trinity radiology table offers electrohydraulic movement and can be positioned in several different ways. Its motorized, four-way floating tabletop can be easily maneuvered with the touch of a button and offers movements including:

  • Lateral tilt
  • Up/down elevation
  • Trendelenburg
  • Reverse Trendelenburg

A removable hand controller is included with each radiology table so the user can easily manipulate the table’s positioning. The controller comes with a safety lock to prevent accidental movement and an optional return-to-level function can be included as well.

Easily Maneuverable

Thanks to a durable stainless steel and carbon fiber construction, our imaging tables can be used to transport patients from one location to another with ease and offer a 550-pound lift capacity. They are also mobile on four anti-static castors, which can be locked in place while imaging is being conducted.

Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about the ATS Trinity radiology table, contact Infinium Medical today to speak with a product specialist. We are proud to be a trusted resource in the international medical community and will be glad to assist as you outfit your facility with new equipment.

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