EKG Heart Monitor

EKG Heart Monitor

EKG Heart Monitoring

Finding a Reliable EKG Heart Monitor

As a medical professional, your patients’ cardiac status is a critical and often rapidly changing component of their overall wellness. So, when you have patients in your facility due to cardiac issues, you must have a reliable EKG heart monitor to provide them with the care they require. But, how do you know that the monitor you have is up to the challenge? There are a few standard qualities that every reliable EKG heart monitor should have. Read on to learn what to look for before you make an investment.


The last thing you need during a patient’s cardiac emergency is to be fumbling with complicated technology. Therefore, your EKG heart monitor should be user-intuitive. Simple interfaces, an alphanumeric keypad, and a large screen are all features that can help to make your device intuitive.


To easily access, store, and transfer patient data, your EKG monitor should be connective. Features like Ethernet and RS232 connections and compatibility with an HL7 information system are all features that can make it easy to manage your patients’ cardiac data.


Interpretive software can help to make your medical staff more accurate when diagnosing and treating patients with cardiac conditions. EKG heart monitors that have built-in reference databases are ideal for this.

If you’re looking for an EKG heart monitor that is intuitive, connective, and interpretive, turn to Infinium Medical. Our monitor, the QRS-12 has helped countless physicians around the world manage their patients’ cardiac conditions. To learn about our EKG machine, contact Infinium Medical today.


EKG Heart Monitoring


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