Vital Signs Measurement

Vital Signs Measurement

Patient Monitors That Provide the Most Accurate Vital Signs Measurement

Vital Signs MeasurementThe importance of having reliable patient monitors for vital signs measurement cannot be overstated. At Infinium Medical, we are proud to offer two of the finest patient monitors in the industry: The Cleo and The Omni. These products have a superior design that makes them exceptionally:

Easy to Use

The Omni and The Cleo both offer a simple and adaptable user interface, so you won’t have to waste time with complex input processes and training; instead, patient care will come first. Patient information, default settings, alarm limits, and much more can be quickly modified to meet the needs of a patient’s changing condition—all on a large high-resolution touch screen to optimize the speed of patient care.


Our patient monitors will allow you and your staff to take a number of different vital signs measurements, including non-invasive blood pressure, ECG, SpO2, temperature, and respiration rate. These monitors even have plug-in modules that enable measurements of EtCO2, cardiac output, and invasive blood pressure. This field upgradability allows users to move from a basic vital signs monitor, to a continuous bedside monitor, to an operating room monitor while keeping the patient on a single monitor the entire time.

If you would like to learn more about why The Omni and The Cleo are the best patient monitors for vital signs measurement, contact Infinium Medical today. One of our product specialists would be happy to provide additional information and provide you with same-day shipping on your order.



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