What Is Pulse Oximetry Used For? A Guide

What Is Pulse Oximetry Used For? A Guide

pulse oximetry

Oxygen levels are a quick and efficient test of overall health. If your patients are experiencing oxygen levels between 75 and 100 mm HG, you know they’re stable and safe.

But what if their oxygen levels drop? They could be suffering from a heart attack, COVID-19, asthma, or lung cancer.

With an oximeter, you have an efficient, pain-free way to monitor your patients.

A reading from your pulse oximetry in the normal range can inform what you do next. The same goes for when it alerts you to an urgent issue.

Are you considering pulse oximetry equipment for your facility? Read on to learn more about the best pulse oximeter for your team.

Why Choose Pulse Oximetry Equipment

A pulse oximeter can be a great option for a facility that needs an easy method to test oxygen levels. An oximeter is quick and needle-free. 

If you need to monitor your patients after suffering from COVID-19, this can be a great option. In this way, you make sure their heart and lungs are supplying enough oxygen through their body.

Pulse oximetry by definition monitors how much oxygen is in your patient’s blood. But when you invest in a machine, you can also look for one that does more for you.

Keep an eye out for machines that fulfill more than one function for your facility. Some machines do more than provide pulse oximetry readings.

These machines will also let you know your patient’s data. This can include their temperature, ECG, and blood pressure. With one machine, you’ll have more than one need met. 

What Else to Look For

There’s more to consider beyond equipment that can fulfill more than one function. Make sure the equipment you purchase is FDA registered.

Whether you’re a small local clinic or a large hospital, you’ll want quality equipment. With FDA registration, you’ll know you have a reliable machine.

Benefits of Having an Oximeter in Your Clinic

An oximeter can support your team across different scenarios. You may not always have time to do extensive testing for your patients. At times, you will need to rush and find out quickly why they are dealing with low oxygen or shortness of breath.

If your patients come in with shortness of breath, you can check on them quickly with an oximeter. You can also use an oximeter to track your patient’s blood oxygen levels.

This can be useful if they’re being monitored after using supplemental oxygen. You can also use it during surgery as a way to make sure their oxygen levels are stable. 

Choose the Best Pulse Oximeter for You

An oximeter gives you options as a facility. You can care for your patients efficiently. With an oximeter, you can track their oxygen levels and monitor them for changes.

Pulse oximetry equipment is a useful investment for your facility. It is particularly helpful if the equipment serves multiple functions at once.

When you choose a machine that is FDA-approved, you’ll know it will be a trusted device for your team. From surgery to diagnostic processes, an oximeter is indispensable. 

Interested in discussing your oximeter needs? Feel free to get in touch; we look forward to speaking to you!


pulse oximetry


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